Review: Essential Phone | WIRED


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When I met Andy Rubin, the founder of Android, earlier this year to talk about his new company, he showed me a PowerPoint deck from 2009. His team put it together just before the debut of the Motorola Droid, Android’s first real chance to take on the iPhone. The campaign slogan was “Droid Does,” and Motorola planned to harp on all the things the iPhone couldn’t do. It crowed about multitasking, “real keyboards,” and interchangeable batteries. And it worked: The Droid was a smash hit, in large part because it was everything the iPhone wasn’t.

With his new company, Essential, and his new phone, the Essential Phone (the PH-1, but we’re not calling it that), Rubin’s playing the same game. But the iPhone has changed. The way Rubin sees it, people don’t like that it’s a walled garden with little room to customize or experiment. Or that it’s everywhere, the same phone your grandma and your accountant carry. Or that it is, well, boring.