Review: Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L


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Allow me to set the scene: You’re in Port Townsend, Washington, for the weekend. After a remote meeting in the morning, you’re eager to hike with your drone and long lens and capture the wild and craggy beauty of Olympic National Park, and then sip a beer by the water. And you will! Just as soon as you dig the rental car keys out of the bottom of your bag…

You don’t have time rummage around for the essentials. You know it, and Peak Design knows it. The Everyday Backpack 30L is a chic and understated, endlessly adaptable and easy-to-use pack that can go everywhere you go, from the woods, to the office, to the bar. And it’s designed to let you grab things quickly and without fuss.

I tested the bag by packing for several different scenarios: A work and gym commute; going to a music festival; and bringing laptops, DSLR, and notebooks on a business trip. In each scenario, the bag was able to accommodate an astonishing amount of gear. The romantically-inclined should take note: It’s the perfect size for two bottles of wine, a small cooler tote, a jacket, two roll-up camp chairs, and even a woolen blanket (I strapped it to the front).