Review: Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

Review: Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13

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There is undoubtedly a perfect German word to describe the pleasure you get from having a place for everything and putting everything in its place. “Tetrisfreude”, maybe. Like their Everyday Backpack, the Peak Design Messenger relies on bendable FlexFold dividers that fasten with Velcro to the interior of a freestanding bag.

If you’re a certain kind of person, you can set this bag on your coffee table, fiddle with your belongings and minimize dead space all evening, to your heart’s content. No, Moleskines, you may not touch my lunchbox! DSLR, you fit there, with my pencil pouch tucked underneath. Everything is great. My day will be so much better now.

Designed in collaboration with famous travel photographer Trey Ratcliffe, the Everyday Messenger is a camera bag that doubles as a commuter bag. It has a number of features that will only be appreciated by photographers, like a stiff, dedicated strap on either side for hooking on Peak Design’s award-winning Capture clip. The Capture clip lets you attach a camera on the outside of this bag for fast access.