Rihanna is Not Starring in the Black Panther Sequel – E! Online

Rihanna is Not Starring in the Black Panther Sequel - E! Online

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Turns out the very best news of 2020 in fact isn’t news at all.

On Monday, reports began swirling that Rihanna may be signing up with the cast of the extremely prepared for Black Panther follow up. Clearly, the world was definitely stired about the possibility of getting a Rihanna look contributed to a currently renowned film franchise, however, sadly, there is no fact to the rumors.E! News has actually found out Rihanna has actually not been cast in the upcoming movie.

The news very first spread like wildfire when fans observed that the artist and businesswoman had actually been contributed to the cast list when you Google Black Panther 2. Although, if it’s been stated once it’s been stated a million times: Not whatever on the web holds true.

In truth, there is no proof to support these claims. While a Rihanna in Wakanda takeover would have been the increase of pleasure everybody required this year, it does not appear like it’s going to occur. The nine-time Grammy winner is best understood for her music, however has actually spent some time for many years to step in-front of the silver screen. Most just recently, she starred in the movie Ocean’s 8 along with Mindy Kaling and Awkwafina.

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