Rita Ora Clarifies Rumor She’s “Becky” From Beyonc é’s Lemonade

Rita Ora Clarifies Rumor She's

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Rita Ora is clarifying about a sour report.

If you’re questioning what we imply, enable us to get the information in development: Beyonc é made the world drop in 2016 when she launched her album Lemonade, with one track in specific “Sorry,” making waves over a single lyric that numerous analyzed to be about her hubby, Jay- Z

The line in concern, “You better call Becky with the good hair,” had fans in a craze over who the vocalist was describing.

Also, around that time, Rita was found with a preliminary pendant that some thought read, “J,” leading them to link her to the “99 Problems” rap artist and as the “Becky” in concern. As for the fan theory 6 years later on?

“Oh my god, it literally was a coincidence,” she stated throughout theDec 1 episode of BBC’s Louis Theroux Interviews … “I didn’t even think about it, I swear. And it wasn’t a J, it was an R. They flipped it ’round and then it looked like a J.”

But what about the lemon-motif bra likewise seen in the breeze? As Rita kept in mind, that was likewise a special coincidence.