Riverdale Casts a Husband For Veronica – E! Online

Riverdale Casts a Husband For Veronica - E! Online

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That’s Mrs. Veronica Lodge to you. Or perhaps Veronica Gekko? 

Riverdale‘s time dive is triggering some significant modifications on the CW drama, consisting of the reality that Veronica (Camila Mendes) is wed, and it’s not to Archie (KJ Apa). Chris Mason, understood for Broadchurch and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists has actually been cast as Chad Gekko, grownup Veronica’s Wall Street hubby. Unfortunately for Veronica, it seems like her hubby draws. 

Chad is explained by Deadline and EW as an Alpha Dog who is threatened by Veronica’s life in Riverdale and her relationship with Archie and is really controlling and envious. We hate Chad currently! 

When last we saw Veronica, she was still dating Archie, however they were sort of doomed. He had actually just recently been kissing Betty (Lili Reinhart) a bit, however Betty had actually called it off and chose to recommit to Jughead (Cole Sprouse), leaving Archie puzzled.