Rob Lowe Celebrates 31 Years of Sobriety and Gives Shout-Out to Family – E! Online

Rob Lowe Celebrates 31 Years of Sobriety and Gives Shout-Out to Family - E! Online

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Rob Lowe simply reached a significant turning point.

On May 10, the 57-year-old star required to Instagram to commemorate 31 years of sobriety.

“Today I have 31 years drug and alcohol free,” he composed. “I want to give thanks to everyone walking this path with me, and welcome anyone thinking about joining us; the free and the happy. And a big hug to my family for putting up with me!! Xoxo.” 

After reading his message, a number of fans, including his kid John Owen Lowe, required to the remarks area to praise the Parks and Recreation star. 

“So proud of you, dad,” John, who commemorated 3 years of sobriety in April, composed. “Love you.” 

Rob’s sobriety journey started on May 10, 1990. According to Variety, The Outsiders alum chose to connect for aid after he missed out on a call from his mom. 

“I wasn’t ready until I was ready,” he informed the publication for its Recovery problem. “I was ready when one day back in the days of answering machines my mother called me and I could hear her voice on the answering machine. I didn’t want to pick up because I was really, really hungover and I didn’t want her to know. She was telling me that my grandfather, who I loved, was in critical condition in the hospital and she needed my help. And I didn’t pick up. My thought process in that moment was ‘I need to drink a half a bottle of tequila right now so I can go to sleep so I can wake up so I can pick up this phone.'”

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