Rude Tourist Asking for Help Scolds Netizen for Bad Mandarin So He Showed Her the Wrong Way


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Have you ever ever gotten very aggravated with an individual that you simply attempt to get again at them within the pettiest method doable? 

Nicely, this netizen from Singapore determined to take revenge on a Chinese language vacationer who was asking for instructions after she criticised him for his dangerous Mandarin, wrote Mothership. The man took to Twitter to describe what happened with the “rude” tourist lady.

He wrote that a Chinese tourist stopped him to ask for directions and she spoke to him in Mandarin. She asked him for directions to Bayfront (in Mandarin) but he couldn’t understand her, so he tried clarifying if she meant Bayfront, HarbourFront or Admiralty. In case you aren’t aware, all of these places are situated in Singapore. 

Source: Mothership

However, the tourist snapped and said to him, “You’re a Chinese but you don’t know how to speak Mandarin, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” (this is a roughly translated version of her reply which was in Mandarin).

Annoyed by the lady’s response, the netizen proceeded to give her the directions of Tuas Link which is the “extreme west” of Singapore and also the wrong way. 

At the time of writing this article, the netizen’s tweet has gone viral with more than 5,000 retweets and over 4,000 likes.

You can read his tweet below: 

Additional, in his Twitter thread, the netizen mentioned that he was genuinely trying to help the lady however she acquired mad as a result of it was taking him very lengthy to provide her the instructions to the place which she wished to go to.

Following that, many individuals discovered that the netizen’s petty revenge was hilarious and commented that he was a “legend” for getting again on the woman. Do you agree with them? 

Supply: Twitter

In the meantime, many individuals identified that the Mandarin characters in his original tweet aren’t accurate however he defended himself by revealing that he solely managed to get a C6 in his Mandarin topic previously, so he was not very fluent within the language. Significantly, lower the man some slack! 

FYI, C6 is a kind of grade for exams and is equal to a C within the US.

The netizen additionally stated that he has dyslexia and he had genuinely tried his best when it comes to the Chinese language. However, he’s fairly proud that he managed to acquire a C6 regardless of his studying disabilities. You go, boy! 

Do you suppose what he did was justifiable? Share your opinions with us within the feedback beneath! 


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