Russell Crowe contributes to Beirut dining establishment enjoyed by Anthony Bourdain

Russell Crowe donates to Beirut restaurant loved by Anthony Bourdain

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In the wake of recently’s huge surge that ravaged Beirut, a GoFundMe project turned up for the Lebanese capital’s Le Chef dining establishment.

The objective was modest: $13,000 to fix windows, electrical circuitry and cooking area devices ruined in the Aug. 4 blast.

As the contributions began rolling in — primarily $10, $25, $50 — one stuck out. A generous donor noted as “Russell Crowe” had actually sent out $5,000.

Late on Tuesday, reporter Richard Hall, among the organizers of the fundraising event, observed the name.

A couple of hours later on the Russell Crowe — Oscar-winning star of Gladiator, L.A. Confidential, and A Beautiful Mind — reacted: “On behalf of Anthony Bourdain. I thought he probably would have done so if he was still around. I wish you and Le Chef the best and hope things can be put back together soon.”

Bourdain, who passed away by suicide in 2018, very first included Beirut on his Travel Channel program Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations in 2006. Le Chef was the very first dining establishment he checked out.

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“This place felt kind of familiar,” Bourdain stated in the episode, “Like a New York diner … It was that nice mix of old school, new school, neighborhood. Really good food. Very traditional.”

That meal would be among the only Bourdain in fact recorded on the journey. In the middle of production the July 2006 war in between Israel and Hezbollah broke out. Beirut was greatly bombed, and Bourdain and his team were ultimately left by the U.S. Marines, together with other immigrants caught in the city.

Anthony Bourdain in New York in 2015.Alex Welsh / The New York Times / Redux Pictures

Another organizer of the fundraising event, Amanda Bailly, informed NBC News that they at first believed it “was a joke and that someone we knew thought it would be a funny way to give anonymously.”

The independent filmmaker included that it was “so generous” of the star to contribute.

“It goes to show that Lebanese hospitality has made an impression on people around the world who are now keen to support Lebanon,” stated Bailly, 32.

Crowe’s kindness comes as Beirut once again has a hard time to get on its feet after last Tuesday’s surge that ripped through the city.

A component in the city’s Gemmayze area because 1967, Le Chef is an easy dining establishment understood for its homestyle cooking and the flourishing “Welcomes!” of its owner, Charbel Bassil.

The nation was currently having problem with a recession prior to the surge. With federal government services almost nonexistent, Lebanese kindness and strength, enhanced throughout 15 years of civil war in the 1970s and 80s, took their location.

Neighbors and complete strangers alike came together to hurry the injured to medical facilities, and in the consequences, clear the particles and start the sluggish procedure of restoring.

Numerous GoFundMe projects and contribution drives for NGOs have actually been released. They’ve raised countless dollars for everybody from very first responders to specific households to museums and dining establishments.

Bourdain reflected on Beirut in an interview for the Emmy Awards years after that initially, unfortunate journey, “It got all of us thinking about a lot of things, you know, what’s important in life…it was a big, everything-changed-sort-of-thing.”

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