Russell Crowe Has This Friendly Reminder About Gladiator’s Plot Amid Sequel Rumors – E! Online

Russell Crowe Has This Friendly Reminder About Gladiator's Plot Amid Sequel Rumors - E! Online

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It’s been 20 years given that Gladiator came out and Russell Crowe is still impressed by the effect this legendary movie had on popular culture. After all, the movie scored 11 elections at the 2001 Oscars and took house 5 prizes that night, consisting of Best Picture and the Best Actor statue for Crowe.

“To have a film in your career where 20 years after, doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, somewhere in the world it’s still playing on primetime TV,” Crowe just recently informed E! News. “It’s amazing. We certainly, when we were making it, we never would have expected it to have the legs that it had. In fact, while we were making it, it was chaos.”

That mayhem is something the Academy Award winner reflects on fondly in spite of a script he stated they felt “wasn’t worthy” of the movie’s $103 million budget plan. The truth that the cast and team wound up shooting each scene sequentially, reliant upon areas, wound up assisting the so-called not worthy script ended up being something of a “bespoke” cinematic work of art, discussed Crowe.

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