Russia: Inside Vladimir Putin’s estate ‘he shows fan and kids’

    Putin's mansion is located beside the picturesque Lake Valdayskoye

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    Putin’s estate lies next to the picturesque Lake Valdayskoye (Picture: East2west news)

    This is Vladimir Putin’s secret forest hideaway where he hangs around with his partner and their kids, according to an examination.

    Next to Lake Valdayskoye– midway in between Moscow and St Petersburg– is where the Russian president and Alina Kabaeva live like royalties, far from the problems of regular individuals, it is declared.

    Shrouded in secret, the dacha was kept securely under the radar up until 2021, when anti-corruption activists exposed it.

    A brand-new examination by Proekt exposes what the high-end estate appears like from the within.

    Alina Kabaeva's house in Valdai

    Alina Kabaeva’s home on the lake where she copes with her kids (Picture: Proekt/ east2west news)

    FILE - In this Thursday, Nov. 4, 2004 file photo President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks with gymnast Alina Kabaeva at a Kremlin banquet in Moscow, Russia. (AP Photo/ITAR-TASS, Presidential Press Service, File)

    Neither Putin or Kabaeva have actually formally validated successor relationship (Picture: AP)

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    After entering power in 2,000, Putin bought the construct, which would be styled‘like St Petersburg’, indicating extravagant like theRussian tsars.

    There, he hung out with his partner and very first girlLyudmila Ocheretnaya up until their divorce in2013

    ‘But he never stopped loving Valdai,’ a report fromProekt checks out.’It was here– in the beginning, obviously, in the very same“golden” home– that he brought his brand-new girlfriend.(******************* ).(****************** )’ He later on constructed a brand-new wood estate for(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )and her kids. It lies about800 metres from the“golden” home.Construction of your house started in2020′


    Living room at Valdai residence
    One of the living-room at the home is seen leaking with gold(Picture:

    Proekt/ east2west news)

    Study room at Valdai residence
    The research study space neglecting the lake(Picture:Proekt/ east2west news)

    According toProekt, a boat dock was constructed nearKabaeva’s own home from where a little canal results in a palace park set out on a28- hectare plot.

    Meanwhile, a medical spa complex situated about the very same range from the 2 homes boasts a solarium, a cryo chamber, a25- metre swimming pool, a hammam, a sauna, a mud space, massage baths, cosmetology and dentistry locations.

    There, the previousOlympian gymnast has a retinue of‘chaperones’ who take care of all her requirements, guaranteeing she keeps the life of royalty.

    Some of them are her own loved ones who make large amounts in business owned byPutin’s crony oligarchs.

    Living room at Valdai residence
    The home is protected by the elite FSO security service(Picture:Proekt/ east2west news)
    Dining room at Valdai residence.
    Putin required that it would be styled‘like St Petersburg’(Picture:
    Proekt/ east2west news)

    (****************** )‘Comparing Kabaeva to a medieval ruler is absolutely appropriate,’ the report includes.

    This is likewise wherePutin andKabaeva’s minor kids are being concealed,Proekt declares.

    There have actually been rumours that the 2, share either 2 or 3 kids, yet they have actually never ever been exposed toRussian citizens, nor do they openly confess to being a couple.

    (****************** )The examination exposes there is a‘constant presence of children’ at the home.

    Swimming pool at Valdai residence
    The health club complex boasts a25- metre pool, a hammam and a sauna(Picture:Proekt/ east2west news)
    'Cellar' at Valdai residence
    The‘cellar’ atValdai home(Picture:Proekt/ east2west news)

    ‘In the summer seasons of2020 and2021, a little karting track was established on the website of the previous helipads, the report stated.

    ‘And right next to the residence, a large children’ s play area in yellow and blue was set up deep in the woods in between2016 and2020′

    The wealth and home empire presumably accumulated by(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )has actually never ever been revealed, however it is thought to be large.

    .(****************** )AmongKabaeva’s residential or commercial properties is reported to be the penthouse in theRoyalPark property complex inSochi

    It is thought about to be the‘largest apartment’ in wholeRussia,
    typically referred to as ‘the brightest diamond in a necklace of real estate’.

    The 2,
    600 sq. m. home boasts a pool, a film theatre, a patio area and its own helipad on the roofing system.

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