Russia eliminates Ukraine’s Palace of Culture in big rocket strike

    Image from a surveillance camera shows the moment a Russian missile hitting the Palace of Culture in Lozova, Kharkiv Region, on May 20, 2022. At least 7 local residents were injured, including an 11-year-old child, according to Ukraine Defense Ministry. Lozova, which is located in the Kharkiv Oblast region of eastern Ukraine, is the latest city to have been attacked by Russian forces, who are looking to regain a foothold in their battle for Kharkiv., Credit:EPN/Newscom / Avalon

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    This video reveals the minute Ukraine’s historical Palace of Culture was erased by a Russian rocket strike immediately.

    Devastating video reveals the just recently refurbished structure swallowed up in flames after being struck with a rocket thought to have actually been introduced from a tactical bomber.

    President Zelensky condemned the attack, which occurred in the Lozova area ofKharkiv


    He composed on Facebook: ‘The occupiers recognized culture, education and mankind as their opponents.

    ‘What is in the minds of people who choose such targets? Absolute evil, absolute stupidity.’

    Image from a monitoring electronic camera reveals the minute a Russian rocket strikes the Palace of Culture in Lozova, Kharkiv Region (Picture: EPN)

    GRABS: Russian airstrike

    Zelensky condemned the ‘evil’ attack

    In the video, individuals can be seen setting about their day around the cultural centre prior to it is unexpectedly exploded.

    Two vehicles are driving past as a bicyclist surpasses a pedestrian walking at a roadway side when the rocket strikes, sending out up an enormous plume of dust and smoke.

    The Kharkiv branch of the State Emergency Service (SES) stated 7 individuals, consisting of an 11- year-old kid, were hurt in the strike.

    The structure was partly ruined and roofing insulation was burned.

    Lova’s Palace of Culture opened in 1977 and consists of an auditorium, a lecture hall, 3 casino, a fitness center, and numerous spaces for classes and club conferences.

    GRABS: Russian airstrike

    The structure was partly ruined and roofing insulation was burned.

    GRABS: Russian airstrike

    Seven individuals were hurt in the attack

    The strike comes as attacking forces heighten their efforts to take the east of Ukraine after catching the tactical port city of Mariupol.

    Kremlin forces continue to try a significant offensive to take the totality of the Donetsk and Luhansk areas after stopping working to catch capital cityKyiv


    Mr Zelensky preserved today that he was positive of triumph however kept in mind that it might not begin the battleground.

    ‘We did not start this war. But we have to finish it,’ he stated in a speech to mark his 3 years as president.

    ‘Victory will be bloody in battle. But the end will be in diplomacy. We want everything back. Russia does not want to give anything away.’

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