Russia supposedly prepares to ‘turn down’ US-made electronic items

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Russia prepares to stop purchasing specific electronic items made in the United States.

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Russia supposedly means to stop purchasing specific electronic items made in the United States in response to fresh sanctions from the United States federal government.

The Russian federal government will no longer acquire gadgets and elements from the United States that can be utilized for both civilian and military functions, Reuters reported Thursday, mentioning the RIA news firm. Russia will source them in other places.

The United States Treasury Department on Tuesday expanded sanctions versus Russia by blacklisting a number of business and individuals it implicated of breaking laws versus cooperation with the Federal Security Service, the KGB follower that’s thought to perform much of the federal government’s cyberattacks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We will in any case reject all American components as this bell has sounded,” stated Alexei Kondratiev, deputy head of the defense and security commission in Russia’s upper home of parliament, according to RIA. “Third countries including China have analogous models of what we buy from the United States. The arms market is built on universal exchange so we will in any case find a way out.”

The White House didn’t instantly react to an ask for remark.

The Kremlin on Wednesday rejected participation in an effort to hack United States political companies found by Microsoft, along with in a Facebook impact project

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