Russian traveler mistakenly exposes place of Putin’s weapons

    Russian tourist in speedo posing for photos in front of a weapons, tweet from Defense of Ukraine.

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    The weapon wound up being a Russian S-400 anti-air system concealed in Crimea (Pictures: Defense of Ukraine)

    A Russian traveler who published a vacation image of himself in speedos mistakenly exposed where Vladimir Putin was keeping an anti-air weapon.

    In the photo, the guy can be seen waving to the electronic camera as he presents in his swimwear while basing on some beachy-looking sand in Crimea.

    Behind him is a huge military lorry, which ended up being a Russian S-400 anti-air system.

    The social networks image– published on Russia’s Facebook equivalent VKontakte – was traced to a salt flat near the city of Yevpatoriya.

    The location was confirmed by comparing the picture to older satelite images from July.

    Ukraine has previously asked Russian tourists not to visit Crimea unless they want an ‘unpleasantly hot summer break’.

    But the photo has made the country reconsider its position, the defence ministry joked.

    The weapon was being kept on a salt flat near the city of Yevpatoriya (Picture: Defense of Ukraine)

    They tweeted the other day: ‘Maybe we are being too tough on russian travelers … Sometimes they can be truly valuable.

    ‘Like this man taking pictures at russian air defense positions near Yevpatoria, in occupied Crimea. Thank you and keep up the good work!’

    It is uncertain what, if anything, Ukraine has actually made with the details or the weapon.

    Crimea has actually seen a number of significant surges over the last couple of weeks.

    Defence minister Oleksii Reznikov stated a Ukrainian ‘resistance force’ has actually been accountable.

    Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelesnky just recently repeated his belief that Crimea must stay part of his nation.

    Making recommendation to the Russian profession of the land considering that 2014, he stated: ‘This Russian war…began with Crimea and must end with Crimea – with its liberation.’

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