Russians mock Elon Musk’s inventions with lifehack memes


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Whereas the remainder of us have been scrambling to maintain up with no matter simply went down between Grimes, Elon Musk, and Azealia Banks, Russian Twitter has been roasting the Tesla CEO with these really unimaginable memes.

In accordance with Twitter consumer @andromedamn, the meme reveals off “tremendous bootleggy lifehacky” innovations, typically captioned with “and the way do you want this, Elon Musk?” 

The lifehacks embody a lightbulb secured by a motorbike lock and a pipe, a man carrying a bathroom seat round his neck to hold his beer, and a washer modified to be a range. 

They are not precisely the most secure innovations, however it’s a must to admit they’re fairly rattling intelligent.

As state information company Russia Past notes, lightbulbs in Russian condo hallways are sometimes stolen, so somebody brilliantly secured it with a motorbike lock. — the Russian equal to Know Your Meme —  says @StalinGulag began the meme final yr once they tweeted a faux information screenshot that stated scientists on the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics began utilizing the particle accelerator to smoke herring.

In accordance with Memepedia, the meme “implies that Musk is among the acknowledged geniuses and leaders of technological progress,” however contrasts his popularity with “home lifehacks.” 

Motherboard interprets the Russian to “Hey Elon, envy the scientific achievements of our nation!” 

Listed here are just a few modern creations that even Elon Musk could not consider.

Now you can also poop at nighttime. “How do you want this, Elon Musk?”

Must maintain the door open? Strive a plastic bag. “Do you are feeling threatened, Elon Musk?”

This city crammed its potholes with free, freshly mown grass. “What do you assume, Elon Musk?”

This individual repaired their damaged zipper with a paper clip. “How do you want this invention, Elon Musk?”

“Whereas Elon Musk waits for espresso, I pour mine straight from the faucet.” 

The web translation on this one is tough, however principally @SkiperKakao stated they dreamed about attaching a navigation system to a horse “to make Uber,” so they might have a “horse with no driver.” 

“How do you discover this invention, Elon Musk?”

“My tremendous brewing espresso system … How do you want this invention, Elon Musk?” 

So whereas Musk is digging tunnels by way of California and allegedly tweeting on acid, Russians are one-upping him with their sensible innovations.

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