Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood Is the One We Want to Be in – E! Online

Ryan Murphy's Hollywood Is the One We Want to Be in - E! Online

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Films can alter the world.

That’s definitely the mantra at the center of Ryan Murphy‘s Hollywood.

As E! readers might remember, for his Netflix miniseries, Murphy seized the day to reword history. How?

Well, in this duration piece, the straight white leading guy—played by, the oh so dashing, David Corenswet—does not win all the splendor. Rather, it’s Hollywood‘s underdogs that discover themselves triumphant.

Per Murphy, he and co-creator Ian Brennan developed a Hollywood he wanted he belonged of.

“It’s a wonderful universe to create,” the 54-year-old market legend stated back in May. “And I don’t know, I would say I write, not about the world that I live in, but the world I want to live in, and this is a world I wanted to live in.”

Hollywood follows real-life Tinseltown figures, consisting of Jack Picking as Rock Hudson, Michelle Krusiec as Anna May Wong and Jim Parsons as Henry Willson, in addition to imaginary characters.