Scandal appears in Russia over sex celebrations at club utilized by Putin’s soldiers|World News

    Russian sex club

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    A scandal has actually emerged over claims aRussian officers’ club utilized for funeral services of high-ranking servicemen is likewise utilized to host BDSM sex celebrations.

    TheCentralMilitaryDistrictOfficers’House inYekaterinburg hosts funeral services of high-ranking officers eliminated throughoutVladimir Putin’s war versusUkraine

    But dripped video footage appears to reveal the center is likewise utilized for BDSM celebrations by the so-calledBlueVelvet group, which has more than300 members.

    The video reveals a sex celebration at the military center, with participants apparently using transparent underclothing and drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

    Black- and-white video footage reveals a variety of ladies using simply their underclothing and a mask covering their whole heads.Some were blindfolded or had their wrists bound in front of them.


    The slow-motion video reveals some participants using leather harnesses while another was flogged while leaning over a railing.

    The video footage was recorded at a(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )military center (Picture: east2west)
    Russian law enforcement clamp down on sex parties in Yekaterinburg following two events hosted at the local military Officers' House, where funeral services for casualties in the Putin's war are held.
    A scandal over the celebrations has actually emerged(Picture:Social media/east2west news)
    Soldiers carry a portrait of late photojournalist Rostislav Zhuravlev during his funeral ceremony at the local military Officers' House in Yekaterinburg, Russia, 28 July 2023. Rostislav Zhuravlev, who worked as a correspondent for RIA Novosti news agency, died during shelling at an area near the frontline in Ukraine on 22 July 2023.
    The funeral service of photojournalistRostislavZhuravlev was held at the regional armed forceOfficers’House inYekaterinburg lastJuly((******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ):SolovievLive/ east2west news)

    One source stated:’ They movie all their celebrations and publish them on their personal social networks channels.

    ‘The essence of the group is to get together, undress, drink, and dance.’

    The city’s district attorney general’s workplace has actually gotten problems following one‘erotic party’ in the library of theHouse ofOfficers, where tickets cost in between ₤ 5- ₤10

    (********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )Podkorytov, deputy head of theHouse ofOfficers, was required to resign over the BDSM celebrations, stating: I am upset that theHouse ofOfficers was associated with the scandal and they are tossing mud at us. I was likewise associated with this scandal.’

    ‘We consider it undesirable to hold such occasions in theHouse ofOfficers,’ stated pro-war activistEkaterinaIpatova, organizer of theVolunteerCompany task.

    ‘This is where they bid farewell to the soldiers who passed away in the unique military operation[war in Ukraine]

    ‘There are clubs for celebrations, however holding them in the officers’ home is blasphemy.’

    Among the funeral services of fallenRussian officers held at the area inYekaterinburg was that of popular war reporter fromRussia’s state propaganda mediaRostislavZhuravlyov,34

    The funeral event of senior lieutenantDenisYefanov, a beach ball coach who went to defendPutin, was likewise held here, as was the goodbye toMajorRishatIzatullin

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