Scientists are using diamonds to send secret messages


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The web was constructed via an enormous community of copper wires. Sooner or later, it could possibly be diamonds.

Researchers at Princeton College are creating diamonds that, they assume, will be capable of retailer and transmit micro-messages known as “qubits.”

In a press launch, they clarify that their man-made diamonds could possibly be used to construct the brand new super-secure — and super-smart — web of the long run, known as the quantum web.

The science is advanced, however primarily, researchers have been on the lookout for a greater strategy to retailer and ship qubits, that are usually transmitted via particles of sunshine, or photons. (Assume fiber optic networks.) However this technique solely works for brief distances earlier than the data turns into distorted.

Scientists assume crystals, like diamonds, may not distort the data a lot. They’re utilizing the diamond’s flaws — streaks of discoloration and chemical impurity within the in any other case pure-carbon stone — as little messenger baggage to hold and transmit qubits.

If nothing else, it’s a case for getting a less expensive engagement ring.

This story initially appeared within the New York Publish.

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