Scott Quigg prepares for assault on new featherweight division in celebrity party central but is leading man for stunning limelight


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Bury fighter moved to America to further his career but has no interest in the spotlight unlike rival fighters

SCOTT QUIGG has boxed his way to Hollywood – the celebrated celebrity La La Land – and the Bury lad can’t bloody stand it.

The featherweight loves being in Freddie Roach’s Wild Card gym in LA, walking in Manny Pacquiao’s footsteps and testing himself sparring against world champions every day.

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Scott Quigg, left, faces Romanian Viorel Simion on the undercard of Joshua-Klitschko

Quigg looked seriously focused during the press conference after a tough camp in LA


Quigg looked seriously focused during the press conference after a tough camp in LA

But the superfluous home of American blockbusters and Venice beach bikini busters is utterly wasted on the Quigg – the man Roach claims is the only fighter who works harder than the Pacman.

Ahead of his IBF featherweight title eliminator against Viorel Simion, on the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko super fight on Saturday, Quigg revealed how he was still living the life of a monk in the sinful city.

Quigg said: “If they ever needed anyone to move to Hollywood and not be interested in it, I am the perfect man.

“I couldn’t be paid to go to some of the places everyone talks about.

“I love going to the gym, putting the work in and getting my rest.

“If I wanted to go out and party it would be the place because I get asked to some big events but all I do is train.

Quigg is now working with top American trainer Freddie Roach as he chases world glory

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Quigg is now working with top American trainer Freddie Roach as he chases world glory

The step up from bantamweight has also made the blue-eyed boy far more charming to deal with.

During fight week the 28-year-old has a cranky reputation, which is understandable when he’s boiling down to the 8.6 stone weight he last naturally walked around at 15.

His devoted missus, Bev, and his small circle of friends have noticed how he has perked up and a visit from his mum has him perfectly tuned for this weekend’s action.

Quigg said: “There is no anxiety, no stress and no worry. There is the weight – losing the last couple of pounds – like everyone else but I am a lot better to be around than when I was making 122lbs.

“I don’t really have many friends or see many people to be honest with you. My family and my close friends, who I do see, can see the difference because I am not snapping.

“The main person who sees the difference is Bev, because when I was making 122lbs she would get the wrath and it was totally uncalled for but you can only ever know that pain when you are a fighter.

Scott Quigg has switched to featherweight in the hope of winning a world title

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Scott Quigg has switched to featherweight where he is more fun to be around

Scott Quigg prepares for battle as he dreams of fight against Frampton or Santa Cruz
“I flew my mum out there, she came for six weeks, she loves being around training and she’s always been involved since day one.

“She came over and was a bit of company, made my food and did the things that I don’t need to do.

“When I have finished in the gym I like my sleep so she gets everything sorted for me and ready for the next session.

“It was good to have her over there, it’s the best move I could have made.”

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