Screaming sausage videos are a thing, apparently


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Ever prepare dinner a sausage and listen to a hiss, or a sound that resembles a scream? Effectively, seems you are not the one one. 

A video of sausages making what look like screaming sounds while being cooked was shared on YouTube on Monday, garnering over 527,000 views on the time of writing — nevertheless it seems it is solely certainly one of many “sausage screaming” movies.

Many individuals have taken to YouTube with their movies of seemingly scared sausages, screaming on the prime of their little sausage lungs. The movies have change into one thing of their very own video style — and in truth, I am into them. 

The movies at first look are little greater than meat being browned in a pan, or cooked in a microwave, however the tiny little sausage screams, or whistles will make you giggle uncontrollably. 

When sausages emit a loud scream or sizzle it is usually a mixture of things, comparable to water within the sausage evaporating or the sausage’s stage of fats moisture, British meals scientist Stuart Farrimond, a studier of sausage decibels advised Additional Crispy in an interview. 

No matter how these franks attain their excessive pitched yelps, I plan on enjoying these weird meat sounds on a loop for the remainder of the day, and I invite you to do the identical.

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