Secrets Behind Penn Badgley & Ed Westwick’s Gossip Girl Casting

Secrets Behind Penn Badgley & Ed Westwick's Gossip Girl Casting

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According to Josh, casting Ed Westwick in the series “was a whole situation.” Not just had the English star at first auditioned for the part of Nate Archibald and lost it to Chace Crawford, however his function of Chuck Bass almost went to someone else also.

“He got cast as Chuck and then couldn’t get his visa to come shoot in the U.S. in time, because he was a citizens of the U.K.,” Josh remembered on an episode of the XOXO with Jessica Szohr podcast, including that the network was pushing him to modify the part.

“They were saying to us as we got closer and closer to start of the pilot, ‘Guys, you need to figure out who your back-up Chuck is gonna be because we don’t think this is gonna work out,'” Josh kept in mind. “And we were just like, ‘There is no backup Chuck. It’s Ed.'”

Since Josh and his co-creator, Stephanie, were determined on having Ed play Chuck, the network waited on his visa to get authorized.

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