See Alex Rodriguez Get Trolled Over Ex JLo’s Engagement to Ben Affleck

See Alex Rodriguez Get Trolled Over Ex JLo's Engagement to Ben Affleck

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It appears like Alex Rodriguez was simply tossed a curveball.

While covering the April 10 Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees video game for ESPN’s Kay Rod Cast, his co-host Michael Kay appeared to discreetly raise Ben Affleck‘s engagement to A-Rod’s previous fiancée Jennifer Lopez— hours after the relationship news broke.

“It’s a great time in sports,” he started. “You have a new Masters champion, the NBA playoffs are about to start, baseball’s in the full swing, people getting engaged. I mean it’s a happy time in the world.”

Rodriguez chuckled off Kay’s remark and included, “Happiness and world peace is what we’re looking for.” After hearing his reply, Kay joked, “You understand what? I consider Gandhi and you.” But Rodriguez appeared all set to move the attention back to the video game, raising the 2-1 pitch.

Rodriguez and Lopez got participated in March 2019, nearly 2 years after they made their red carpet launching as a couple. But in March 2021, reports spread that the set had actually divided. While the previous Yankees gamer and the vocalist firmly insisted that “all the reports are inaccurate” which they were “working through some things,” they revealed the following month that they were going their different methods.