See Andy Cohen’s Shock When Nick Cannon Reveals “Favorite Baby Mama”

See Andy Cohen's Shock When Nick Cannon Reveals

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Nick Cannon might’ve plead the 5th when Andy Cohen asked him who his preferred “baby mama” is, however the Wild ‘N Out star selected to, well, wild out.

On the Wednesday,Nov 20 episode of The Nick Cannon Show, Nick and Andy played a video game of Plead the Fifth, which is understood to generate some insane reactions.

Nick went initially and exposed that he does not move into ladies’s DMs as the Bravo star believed. For Andy’s very first concern, he plead the 5th rather of exposing the “three worst guests” on Watch What Happens Live.

Later in the video game, Andy quizzed Nick on who his preferred child mom is. (For a refresher, Nick has 7 kids amount to with 4 various partners: Mariah Carey, Alyssa Scott, Abby De La Rosa and Brittany Bell)

While the audience yelled at Nick to plead the 5th, the star certainly stated, “I got this. I ain’t scared of you, Andy.”