See if The Circle’s DeLeesa & Trevor Would Appear on All-Stars

See if The Circle's DeLeesa & Trevor Would Appear on All-Stars

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With 2 such achieved Circle forces in one home, it asks the concern: would Trevor and DeLeesa ever wish to contend versus each other?

“I think so. We’d like to go up against each other. Honestly, I’d be into us working together,” Trevor exposed. “I think us together would be the most formidable scenario. We’d be unreal together.”

These 2 are constantly believing one action ahead.

When asked who they may like to go head-to-head versus in a theoretical All-Stars variation of the program, they had their responses locked and packed.

“Obviously [season one winner] Joey[Sasso] Obviously the winners,” DeLeesa stated. “I seem like the fan favorites like [season three’s] Kai, [season two’s] Chloe, [season one’s] Sammie, [season two’s] Courtney Courtney played a hell of a video game.”

Trevor includes that he wishes to bet Matt from season 3, among the very best catfishes in the history of The Circle

Regardless of the competitors, DeLeesa currently understands who would win.

“An All-Stars Circle would be definitely crazy,” she stated. “I really think what they should do is put all the winners and maybe the runners-up on a season and have them all go against each other, possibly all as catfish. You’d really see who is the best of the best. I mean, obviously it’s me.”

It’s difficult to argue with her performance history.

The very first 8 episodes of the 4th season of The Circle are offered on Netflix now, with episodes 9-12 premiering May 18 prior to the ending on May 25.

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