See John Travolta’s Sweet Cameo in Daughter Ella’s “Dizzy” Video

See John Travolta's Sweet Cameo in Daughter Ella's

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We’ve got chills and they’re increasing after listening to Ella Bleu Travolta‘s brand-new tune.

On Thursday,Jan 6, the 21- year-old star and artist required to Instagram to reveal that she had actually launched her first-ever single, “Dizzy.”

The cute minute-long video functions Ella playing the piano and singing along to the sweet tune prior to she gets a little assistance from none aside from her very own musical daddy, John Travolta

The 67- year-old star signs up with Ella on the clip’s last verse, relying on look her in the eye as he sings the line, “Dizzy when you’re with me, but it’s okay. Love you anyway.” Ella then puts a kiss on her daddy’s cheek, which the happy daddy rapidly returns.

“So happy and excited to say that my first single, ‘Dizzy,’ is out now!!!” She captioned the post. “It’s been a long time coming but I’m still that 14-year-old weird girl at heart and I love it.”