See Mary J. Blige’s Intense Convo in Power Book II: Ghost Clip

See Mary J. Blige's Intense Convo in Power Book II: Ghost Clip

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Lorenzo is “handling some business” and Monet isn’t too pleased about it.

In an E! News unique preview at episode 7 of Power Book II: Ghost season 2, the Tejada household is back together once again, however it’s not a pleased reunion. Monet (Mary J. Blige) feels as though her partner Lorenzo (Berto Colon) is putting their child Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray) in threat.

When the set get home late in the evening, Monet asks, “Where have you been? Y’all forgot about dinner?”

“Sorry Mo,” Lorenzo responds. “We had to handle some business.” As the clip continues, Lorenzo asks Dru to go upstairs prior to his moms and dads have a conversation about their location.

“Why do I have this feeling you put my son at risk tonight?” Monet asks her partner. “He’s my son too, and you’ve got to stop babying him,” he reacts.

“He’s already been shot,” she states. “This bullsh–t is exactly why I took our business off the streets.”

Though when Lorenzo informs Monet that “this is the game,” she argues that “there’s a better way to play it.” Unfortunately for Monet, Lorenzo does not concur, as he includes that “if we wanted safety, we would’ve bought a car wash. But we wanted money, right? A better life for these kids.”

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