See These Secrets About She’s the Man for What They Really Are

See These Secrets About She’s the Man for What They Really Are

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At the time of its release in 2006, Fickman confessed to being a little dissatisfied since “you’re so driven by the box office…when we came out, we were like, ‘Oh, OK, we did alright.’ I think when we won the Teen Choice Surfboard for Best Comedy, I think that was a big moment where we were all like, ‘That’s cool. People did see our movie!'”

But the “cult following,” he stated, She’s the Man has actually developed considering that its release has actually totally modified his point of view.

“Now I think I’m feeling in retrospect what I had wanted to feel when we opened,” Fickman confessed. “Like, ‘Oh, we’re not going to be the greatest motion picture ever made? Oh OK.’ But now, brand-new generations are seeing it and each time I deal with a brand-new generation of stars, more youthful stars will show up and state to me, ‘I simply saw She’s the Man Dude, that is amusing!’ I’m like, ‘Wow, alright!'”

But, he continued, “Given all due regard, it had to do with 1602 when Shakespeare composed Twelfth Night which held up quite well. So I figure that if Shakespeare had the ability to endure from the 1600 s with our motivation, making it through 15 years with She’s the Man, we have actually got a long method to go!”

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