Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald Suffers Septic Miscarriage

Selling Sunset's Mary Fitzgerald Suffers Septic Miscarriage

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Selling Sunset cast member Mary Fitzgerald has actually exposed that in the middle of her journey to have a 2nd kid, she suffered a miscarriage with problems that called for surgical treatment.

In a psychological March 31 Instagram video, the Netflix truth star stated that she and partner Romain Bonnet developed throughout a journey toBali “Unfortunately, that didn’t work out,” she stated. “On top of the miscarriage, also had what they apparently call septic miscarriage, so I had to go in for surgery for that.”

The 42- year-old continued, “I’ve been very silent for a long time, but the reason why I’m speaking out now is because I do realize how common this is and how many people go through this, and it is not easy. I needed a minute because there’s so many eyes on me and everyone judges. It has been rough to say the least.”

Mary, who has a 26- year-old kid, Austin Babbitt, from a previous relationship, revealed optimism that she and Romain will ultimately be successful in broadening their household. “But there’s still hope,” she stated, tearfully. “I’m going to continue to share [my journey] and we are going to have great news soon.”