Serial Pervert Arrested in Bangsar but Harassed Victims Again After Release


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We at all times surprise what goes on within the minds of perverts, stalkers, and intercourse offenders which inspire them to hold their heinous acts. We’re sorry for all the ladies in the neighborhood who need to face the chance of being focused by these douchebags.

On Thursday (25 April), Kyetherine Sim has taken to Fb to warn different women in Bangsar after a detailed encounter with a serial pervert.

Attentions to all the women in bangsar. Please remember for this pervert/stalker/psycho. I simply discovered he has a…

Posted by Kyetherine Sim on Thursday, April 25, 2019

In her post, she explained that the man, known as Chow Chee Yeep, kept on coming to her salon, requesting for facials even though he was already informed that they only service female customers.

When she checked the CCTV, she could see that the man was lepaking at the stairs while trying to peep into the salon.

After that, she managed to catch him in the act, but the pervert denied doing anything wrong, merely claiming that he was visiting a lawyer’s office in the same block.

She then called the police which took him away from the place. However, after less than an hour, she allegedly received a call from the pervert. He said,

“Wanna catch me? Not so easy.”

This chilling message prompted Kyetherine to share the whole incident on Facebook, warning others about the presence of the pervert in their area. In her comment section, it was discovered that the man has already been caught in a few incidents before this.

He was fined RM3,000 for peeping at a woman who was breastfeeding in 2018, he was fined RM1,000 for taking photos of a woman’s leg in 2017, and he was fined RM2,000 for trespassing in a women’s toilet back in 2013. So many times he was caught and yet he was set free and only fined. This guy should be put in prison! 

To everyone out there, please be on the lookout for this serial pervert and hopefully he would never be able to harass anyone again after this.

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