Serial Rapist’s Parents Help Him Escape Death Penalty Twice, Still Committing Crime 10 Years Later


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Each time somebody commits a criminal offense and will get caught, she or he must face the due punishment relying on the severity of the crime. As soon as discovered responsible, it’s nearly not possible for that particular person to flee the penalty because the authorities must abide by the legislation and the choice of the courtroom.

Nevertheless, what occurs if the authorities are the dad and mom of the convict?

Virtually 30 years in the past, a person recognized as Solar Xiaoguo in Kunming, China was convicted of a number of rape circumstances and sentenced to demise. This unfolded within the yr 1994 when he was concerned in a gang rape of two girls, in response to

Source: NextShark

However, thanks to his parents being in the police force, he managed to escape the death penalty and even escaped a prison sentence. Instead, he was put on house arrest for three years in his own home.

Sun’s mother was the officer handling the criminal investigation while his stepfather was the deputy director of a district police station. They had arranged for him to be tried as a minor, falsely claiming that their son was 17 years old at the time instead of stating his real age of 19.

During his house arrest however, Sun continued to commit crimes – including torturing two underaged girls at a nightclub by inflicting burns on them with cigarettes, beating them and even urinating on them. 


Source: NextShark

In 1998, he was convicted for this crime and several other rape cases, and sentenced to death again. An attempted appeal was denied by the Yunan supreme court, but Sun still never faced the death penalty and was released early in 2012 for good behaviour.

The reason for this release is speculated to be his patent for an “anti-theft manhole cover”, reported Red Star News.

It was during Sun’s term of imprisonment that his invention was patented, which was supposedly submitted by his mother for him. His early release was possible because according to the Chinese government, there is a policy which reduces sentences due to “important technical innovations”.

Sun’s patent | Source: NextShark

Since his release, Sun has changed his name to Li and has opened a few businesses including several nightclubs in Kunming, reportedly earning the nickname ‘Big Boss Li’.

However, in April 2019, Sun was arrested again for gang activity, which has caused people to wonder how he managed to escape the law more than a decade ago. 

How can such a criminal escape two death sentences just because he invented something “cool”? He most certainly deserves punishment for all the crimes he’s committed. Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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