Sex and the City Kids Are All Grown Up in Must-See Reboot Pics – E! Online

Sex and the City Kids Are All Grown Up in Must-See Reboot Pics - E! Online

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UPDATE:  Will knowing that the kids of Sex and the City are all matured make you feel old? Abso-f–king-lutely.

On Tuesday, July 27, HBO Max validated that Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon)’s particular kids, now completely grown human beings, will make a look in the revival, And Just Like That…. Per the statement, Cathy Ang will depict Lily Goldenblatt, Niall Cunningham will play Brady Hobbes, Alexa Swinton will look like Lily’s more youthful sis Rose and Cree Ciccino signs up with the cast as Brady’s sweetheart, called Luisa Torres.

For a peek at the young stars of And Just Like That…, take a look at the current set images listed below.


And Just Like That…the kids of Sex and the City are all matured.

The primary cast of the precious HBO series just recently collaborated to movie scenes for the recently restarted program, entitled And Just Like That. But although Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon have fans going wild with their intense style and nostalgic-inducing reunions, they aren’t the only ones individuals are buzzing over.

Just days earlier, brand-new set images emerged of New York’s most trendy trio. But eagle-eyed observers discovered that in specific scenes Cynthia (Miranda) and Kristin (Charlotte) were signed up with by their kids, who aren’t so little any longer.

It appears Charlotte’s 2 children, Lily and Rose, will be included in the brand-new SATC revival on HBO Max, as they were seen shooting together with Kristin, Evan Handler (Charlotte’s hubby Harry) and Mario Cantone.

In one image, Kristin twinned with her children in matching vibrant flower gowns. However, Rose included an additional edge to her attire by using a tuxedo-printed tee over her gown.

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