Shailene Woodley Reunites With Secret Life Co-Stars – E! Online

Shailene Woodley Reunites With Secret Life Co-Stars - E! Online

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Reboot Ideas

The cast was likewise asked what they believed was the most crucial top that The Secret Life of the American Teenager would attend to, were it remade today.

“Something that would be important for me would be gun violence in schools,” Park stated. “If this were to be a show about American teenagers in school, that’s something that would scare the s–t out of me every day. If I had to go to school right now as a teenager, I’d be really worried about getting shot in my own classroom.”

Ringwald stated, “The show was bold in terms of talking about sexuality. But I don’t think that we had any characters that were trans. Did we? So I think that that would be something that I would want to see explored.”

Winbush stated she wished to see more variety.

“The show did a good job at showing different characters that were diverse and from different walks of life, so I would like to see more of those stories from people of color, people that come from a different place, and exploring how all of these people come together and how they mesh,” she stated. “And just tell more stories that you don’t always get to hear.”

Raisa stated she believes it’s “super important” nowadays to highlight interracial relationships, which the program did.

Woodley stated, “Exploring the mental health ramifications of Instagram and Twitter and Facebook would be a really important thing for me to explore on the show amongst teenagers.”

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