Should you buy a smoker’s house? How to get rid of cigarette smells


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Must you purchase a smoker’s home? This query could confront you as soon as you’re feeling you have discovered the proper place … aside from that ashtray odor permeating each single room. Is that this a deal breaker?

If the odor of cigarette smoke makes you recoil, you are not alone: One examine discovered that smoking in a house can scale back its resale worth by as much as 29%.

Nonetheless, as soon as a smoker strikes out, will the pall of cigarette odor carry, or will it linger? Is there a method to eliminate that stench for good? Solutions forward.

Well being impacts of thirdhand smoke in a house

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That odor of cigarettes long gone is not, in truth, only a odor—it is a residue known as thirdhand smoke (THS).

“The lingering odor isn’t simply disagreeable; research have additionally linked it to most cancers,” says Joshua Miller, director of technical coaching at Rainbow Worldwide, a house restoration firm.

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines and nitrous acid are two of the largest threats that cling to partitions, mud, and different surfaces inside a home. THS residue publicity may be particularly harmful for pets and babies, who typically decide up mud and particulate matter on their fingers or paws, after which put them of their mouth.

Worst of all, the consequences simply do not move.

“You possibly can breathe in a number of hundred nanograms of those carcinogens lengthy after the final cigarette burned out,” says Miller.

Simply how lengthy afterward? In a single examine, researchers at San Diego State College measured thirdhand smoke pollutant ranges in people who smoke’ properties after they’d moved out. These pollution remained even after the properties had been cleaned and vacant for two months. True, THC ranges had diminished in that point, however they have been nonetheless current at larger ranges than in nonsmokers’ properties.

Indicators of a smoker’s home

Sellers usually are not required to reveal house has housed a smoker, so for those who’re anxious about it, make sure to maintain an eye fixed—and nostril—out for it. A smoky odor is an apparent signal, after all, however a sturdy odor of Febreze, air fresheners, or different fragrances might imply that the vendor is making an attempt to masks an odor. A recent coat of paint may masks cigarette odors, however they are going to ultimately return.

Ask your own home inspector to offer you his opinion about whether or not somebody has smoked in a home you have an interest in. You might be completely inside your rights to ask the vendor’s itemizing agent straight; a good skilled mustn’t lie in regards to the situation of the house.

Must you purchase a smoker’s home?

Once you’re deciding whether or not to purchase a smoker’s house, you must weigh not solely the well being dangers, however what’s concerned in eliminating cigarette smells. Even for those who’re getting a very good deal on the worth of the house, it’s going to take some concerted work to get rid of the odor.

How one can eliminate cigarette odor in a home

Eliminating cigarette odor is not straightforward, because it seeps into all the pieces. Cleansing can assist, however changing complete methods could also be so as. This is what you are able to do to get rid of thirdhand smoke.

HVAC system

In a smoker’s home, each a part of the central air system has come into contact with smoke over time, explains Richard Ciresi, proprietor of Aire Serv in Louisville, KY. Listed below are some steps you possibly can take to rectify this:

  • “Clear the air ducts,” says Ciresi. “Skilled air duct cleansing is an efficient method to get rid of odors that manifest while you activate the furnace or AC.”
  • Change the filter in your HVAC unit. Usually, you’d do that each few months. For those who’re making an attempt to battle the odor of thirdhand smoke, step that as much as each 30 to 45 days.
  • Clear the evaporator coil. “Fumes may be pulled into the evaporator coil of an HVAC unit. The odor permeates the coil, and blasts the odor of cigarettes each time you run the air conditioner,” says Ciresi.
  • If nothing else fixes the issue, chances are you’ll want to interchange the system solely. After all, changing your HVAC is not low-cost. Anticipate to spend wherever from $6,000 to $18,000, relying on your own home’s dimension and the local weather the place you reside.


Wash partitions and ceilings

Miller recommends cleansing the partitions and ceiling with a three:1 vinegar-water combination.

“Ceilings may be the largest wrongdoer in a persisting smoke odor in a house, since cigarette smoke tends to journey upwards and latch onto the primary floor it is available in contact with,” he explains.

Trisodium phosphate (TSP), a robust, general-purpose cleansing product, can also be nice for eradicating smoke odor and stains.

Change lightbulbs

Smelly mud can fuse onto lightbulbs as they get scorching, so change them out. Home windows may retain a smoky movie that emits odor once they’re warmed by solar, so make sure to give them an intensive washing. Blinds may also be washed with vinegar or TSP—or, higher but, throw them out.


If washing would not get rid of the odor from partitions and ceilings, then your subsequent finest guess is to repaint all of them, first sealing within the odor with an odor-neutralizing primer like Kilz. With out the layer of primer, the odor will ultimately seep again by the paint.

Clear flooring and carpets

“You’ll be able to sprinkle a deodorizing powder like baking soda on carpets,” says Miller. If that does not work, strive an expert steam clear. Within the worst-case state of affairs, the carpets should get replaced.

For wooden or tile, a traditional cleansing with the really helpful cleaner ought to do the trick. Make sure to vacuum up all of the mud from each nook and cranny, because the mud comprises the dangerous (and pungent) chemical compounds.

Wash curtains and drapes

Cloth tends to carry onto the smoke odor, so you may in all probability want to scrub all of the window therapies. Relying on the material, some may be washed within the washer, whereas others should be steam cleaned. You’ll be able to hire a steamer, or rent an expert to deal with this for you. If cleansing would not utterly get the odor out, they’re going to have to get replaced.

Get an air filter

Ciresi additionally recommends getting an indoor air filter, ideally with a HEPA filter and charcoal odor prefilter. A dehumidifier can scale back smoke odor in humid climate.

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