Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Gets Pre-Cancerous Spots Removed


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Janelle Brown is sending out an essential health suggestion.

The Sister Wives star, who formerly had a basal cell cancer eliminated, just recently shared that she had actually pre-cancerous areas scorned her body.

“Posting this picture as a reminder to get your skin checked,” Janelle composed on Instagram March 4. “Even if you have ALWAYS been careful about sunscreen. I am and always have been. You have to when you are as fair as I am.”

The 54- year-old likewise published a picture of her lip in a selfie post-procedure.

“I go in annually to have a head to toe check,” she continued. “Today I had 2 pre-cancerous spots frozen and a tiny lump removed from my lip. Yes it’s a pain to schedule the appointment when you are busy. And yes there is a small amount of discomfort. But 2 pre-cancerous spots stopped in their tracks. Worth it.”

And her fans concur. “Thank you for the transparency,” one Instagram user commented, “and sharing this information.”