Snowboarder jailed after erasing numerous skiers when he fell off a lift

    Uncleared Grabs: Snowboarder arrested after falling down access slope

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    The teenage snowboarder was apprehended by authorities after presumably running away the scene (Picture: TikTok/selimayer)

    A snowboarder triggered turmoil after he crashed down a tow lift into the skiers behind him then was jailed by authorities.

    The 18- year-old, from Hungary, was riding the Rosenkranz lift at Austrian ski resort Kreischberg recently when the seat he was utilizing slipped out from in between his legs.

    Video video then reveals the unnamed teen frantically attempting to hang on to his seat to stop him from falling.

    But he quickly lost his grip and started moving down the piste into skiers utilizing the lift behind him.

    They are knocked off their seats one by one as the falling snowboarder continued to get speed– leaving a path of damage.

    One victim suffered injuries major enough to necessitate a rescue helicopter, while 3 others likewise required treatment at a close-by healthcare facility inFriesach


    Instead of remaining to assist the numerous fallen skiers, it is declared the snowboarder picked to slide far from the scene.

    The occurrence was reported to the Alpine Service of the Murau District Police Command by the individuals impacted.

    Uncleared Grabs: Snowboarder arrested after falling down access slope

    The snowboarder ultimately lost his grip and started to move down the piste (Picture: TikTok/selimayer)

    Uncleared Grabs: Snowboarder arrested after falling down access slope

    He then eliminated the skiers behind him one by one, leaving a path of damage (Picture: TikTok/selimayer)

    A hunt was released for the presumed offender, who was apprehended for numerous hours last Wednesday according to Austrian outlet KronenZeitung


    It is uncertain what charges he might deal with.

    Despite numerous seeing the amusing side of the video, others were left sensation frightened at the video.

    Moln ár Zsolt stated: ‘A total of four people who came behind him were injured, one of them head to be taken to the hospital by an ambulance helicopter – it’ s not amusing!’

    ‘People were injured and there are more than 3,000 reactions and laughing emojis… are people seriously not normal,’ Bősze Ágnes Stella composed.

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