Soccer Star Ashlyn Harris Breaks Silence About Ali Krieger Divorce

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In her declaration, Ashlyn made no recommendation to reports of her brand-new love however did keep in mind how she has actually gotten “online hate” following news of her and Ali’s split and stated that it has “devastated” her psychological health. She likewise rejected unfaithful on Ali.

“Let me be clear: I did not step out on my marriage,” she composed. “I was always faithful in my marriage, if not always totally happy.”

Ashlyn stated that her concern is and constantly has actually been the kids. “My priority is being a good co-parent to them with Ali,” she composed. “Despite this current darkness, there have been years of love between us. And our kids are the best part of it all. They deserve two healthy and happy parents, and that’s what matters most. We are all in pain.”

She continued, “I share all of this to remind people that bullying anyone about a personal decision, especially when that bullying is rooted in lies, really hurts. I’m hoping that instead of continuing this cruelty you can remember the simple truth that I’m a human being, a mom, and a good person just trying my best. I’d appreciate if you could take a breath and treat me and my family with some humanity.”