Soldier removed of war medal after church discovers he’s gay|World News

    Viktor Pylypenko is a gay Ukrainian soldier who has been fighting Russian forces in the Donbas

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    Viktor Pylypenko had actually been given an award for his military service combating Russian forces in Ukraine’s east (Picture: Viktor Pylypenko)

    A Ukrainian church removed a gay soldier of an award after knowing of his ‘sinful tendencies’.

    Viktor Pylypenko was just given the award honouring his military fight service on February 8, 2024.

    But simply over 2 weeks later on, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church– Kyiv Patriarchate took it back, declaring it ‘did not know about his sinful tendencies’.

    In a declaration published on its site, the church stated: ‘We thank soldier Viktor Pylypenko, in addition to all our protectors for safeguarding our liberty and territorial stability, for his military benefits, however we do not share his wicked choices and LGBT agitation.

    Ukrainian church strips soldier of award after learning he is gay

    Viktor Pylypenko introduced the leading charity for LGBT+ members of the military in Ukraine after coming out as gay in 2018 (Picture: Viktor Pylypenko)

    Ukrainian church strips soldier of award after learning he is gay

    The Ukrainian soldier imagined next to a bullet-ridden indication near the frontlines in Donetsk area (Picture: Viktor Pylypenko)

    ‘We inform you that in view of the open propaganda of a sinful ideology and the denial of the existence of God, the church award to Pylypenko is to be considered annulled.’

    In action, Viktor stated: ‘When our system was going through among the most tough stages of battling in Donetsk area, where I might have passed away, Patriarch Filaret would most likely not have actually continued to state such unreasonable features of me and individuals like me.

    ‘At that time, many members of our community were killed, wounded, and captured, who fought along the entire front line in various units.’

    Viktor invested almost 2 years battling Russian- backed separatists in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas area from 2014 to 2016, Reuters reported.

    After coming out as gay in 2018, he introduced LGBT+ Military, a charity promoting for and supporting LGBT+ soldiers and veterans, and assisted arrange Ukraine’s biggest ever Pride parade in 2021.

    He rejoined the military simply 2 days after Russia’s full-blown intrusion of Ukraine in February 2022, stating ‘this is our war, the Ukrainians, but we have also been fighting as LGBTQ people’.

    Viktor included: ‘We are confronting a tyrannical, homophobic enemy.’

    He’s been back battling in the Donbas as part of the first Mechanised Battalion of the 72 nd Mechanised Brigade of the Ukrainian Army.

    The brigade has actually participated in a few of the fiercest combating of this war, consisting of the fight of Bakhmut, referred to as a ‘meat grinder’ for the near-total damage of the city and the approximated 100,000 casualties that might make it the bloodiest of the 21 st century.

    The Kyiv Patriarchate, among a number of Eastern Orthodox churches in Ukraine, granted medals of ‘Sacrifice and love to Ukraine’ to Viktor’s battalion for their military service as protector’s of Ukraine.

    Patriarch Filaret provided the medals to a leader of the system, who took a trip from the Donbas to get them on behalf of his system.

    However, the church declares to have actually disagreed with Viktor stating he got the award ‘as an openly gay man for human rights protection’ and for recommending the church had ‘radically changed their negative position towards LGBT people’.

    It stated Viktor ‘received thanks from the Church, exclusively as a defender of Ukraine, and not as an LGBT activist’.

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    LGBT+ Military stated: ‘While LGBT+ are battling on the cutting edge for Ukraine versus the Russian intrusion, the cave-like ancient homophobia in the UOC drags society to the worths of the swamps, decreasing the value of the contribution of the LGBT+ military to success.

    ‘Such discrimination is barbaric and, regrettably, still stays unpunished, since there is no defense versus homophobia and transphobia in the legislation.

    ‘We get in touch with the authorities to lastly carry out the essential draft laws to safeguard the neighborhood that secures the state.

    ‘After all, you can cancel the award, but you can never cancel freedom.’

    Viktor has actually been public about his sexuality and advocacy because coming out in 2018.

    Alongside photos of himself with fellow soldiers and videos riding tanks, Viktor’s Instagram likewise consists of images with Pride flags and even a video of him kissing another guy.

    The church stays unfaltering in its opposition to LGBT+ rights in spite of a fast shift in social mindsets towards LGBT+ because Russia’s full-blown intrusion.

    The involvement of individuals from all strolls of life combating together on the frontlines in Ukraine has actually developed a sense of unity and typical function in the nation.

    This has actually been of specific advantage to Ukraine’s LGBT+ neighborhood who are inching closer to accomplishing landmark legal modification.

    An expense is presently moving through Ukraine’s parliament that would provide legal acknowledgment to same-sex collaborations.

    Introduced in March 2023 by Inna Sovsun, MP for the liberal Holos, this costs shows a growing sense that LGBT+ members of the military are worthy of the exact same rights as their associates, specifically when they pass away or are hurt in fight.

    For numerous like Viktor, this war is as much about culture as it has to do with land and borders.

    They see it as a battle to break devoid of Russia’s orbit and control, and for Viktor that implies the battle is for the rights of LGBT+ individuals, who have actually dealt with discrimination, violence and even extermination in Russia.

    Even the conservative political leader Andrii Kozhemiakin, an ex-spy understood for his Christian faith and big household, altered his tune throughout a dispute on the costs, stating he will support ‘anything that our enemy hates’, The Guardian reported.

    He stated: ‘If it will never ever exist in Russia, it ought to exist and be supported here, to reveal them and signal to them that we are various.

    ‘This law is like a smile towards Europe and a middle finger to Russia. So I support it.’

    He included: ‘If Putin hates gays, we should support them’.

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