Southwest Airlines is ‘really appealing to me’

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New York Community Bancorp.: “It’s got a good dividend, but it’s got no growth. I prefer growth to dividend.”

Coupang: “I actually really like the company very much. It is a gigantic company, and the financials there seem very, very American-like.”

Spirit Airlines: “The problem with Spirit is that it’s not a high-quality operator, and also what we’re looking for now are companies that are about to get international reopening and we don’t really have them. I want to steer clear of this group other than Southwest. I know Southwest is not doing well, but it’s the longer-term win. It’s kind of like Nucor. You have to own the longer-term, best-of-breed, and Southwest down here at $49 is very intriguing to me.”

Energy Transfer: “I don’t like the group. The group is this master limited partnership. It’s been a horrendous group for a very, very long time, and which ET is a big member of it. I say look, take some profits if you have them, but sell it. I do not like that management. There are others that are much, much better to buy.”

Plug Power: “They report soon. Plug Power has got to deliver the number… I hope they do not hurt you and do not let you down, as they have in the last few times.”