SpaceX’s Crew Dragon securely goes back to Earth – Video

SpaceX's Crew Dragon safely returns to Earth - Video

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In case if you’re simply joining us, you can see on your screen there Dragon has actually simply reentered the earth’s environment after leaving from the International Space Station.
We have a stunning shot of 4 healthy parachutes released and slowing the car down as it is approaching the surface area of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.
And it’s continuing to come down under those chutes.
We simply passed 500 meters.
Everything continuing to look excellent by means of reports to all the flight control groups.
Now we’re at about 400 meters.
And simply passing 300 meters, continuing to come down.
We may be ideal on time.
We were intending on crashing at about 5: 45 AM.
Pacific and we’re getting genuine near to that bingo time.
Just passed 200 meters.
And we have verification that dragon is now 100 meters above the surface area of the ocean.
So next up, spin, standing by for splashdown.
And there we have verification of crash.
Dragon has actually gone back to world earth, it is now back house.
And you can see on their screen our 2 quick boats racing out to the pill now in healing.
That splash.
Touch down came right on time, 5: 45 a.m.
Pacific, 8: 45 a.m.
over on the east cast.
The groups that have actually been all set and waiting, they were staged simply a couple of nautical miles away, they’re gonna begin relocating now.
You can see those 2 quick technique boats, they’re currently speeding their method towards the pill.

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