Spinzall Review: It Clarifies and Separates, But It Doesn’t Meet Most People’s Needs

Spinzall Review: It Clarifies and Separates, But It Doesn't Meet Most People's Needs

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Not long ago, I poured a bottle of fancy whipping cream into the gadget I was reviewing, started it up and watched in awe as the machine’s rotor began spinning rapidly, creating a vertical wall of solidified dairy that stayed in place after the machine wound down.

“Behold,” I exclaimed as my wife Elisabeth passed through the kitchen. “I made butter in a centrifuge!”

“Wow,” she said with a tone that foretold bubble bursting. “Did they run out of butter at the store?”

Booker and Dax Spinzall



A centrifuge for your kitchen! The Spinzall effectively does stuff like clarify fruit juices, make butter, create clear herb oils.


A centrifuge for your kitchen? It will never make most peoples’ list of needs, especially when it costs $800 and there are other ways to create many of the things it makes. Also, the production model we tested had a disconcerting defect.