St Helens star Alex Walmsley leaves game as he’s becoming a dad and turns up at hospital still in his kit!

St Helens player Alex Walmsley with son Atticus John


WHATEVER happens now, it will not be as mad as the night Alex Walmsley had when he became a father.

The St Helens prop was forced into a hasty dash from their match at Wakefield after being told partner Simone Clark was giving birth.


St Helens player Alex Walmsley with son Atticus John

Walmsley admits he moaned when he first got the message to come off with 10 minutes left before it sunk in.

Then it was straight down the tunnel and straight into a car for a 72 mile dash to meet his new arrival, son Atticus John.

Things were so hasty, though, Walmsley was still in his kit when he arrived and had to pop to accident and emergency to get a wound stitched!

“The conditioner came on and said, ‘That’s you now,’ and our coach Justin Holbrook said, ‘We’ve had the call. Simone’s gone into labour.’

St Helens player Alex Walmsley with son Atticus John and partner Simone Clark


St Helens player Alex Walmsley with son Atticus John and partner Simone Clark

“I can’t repeat exactly what I said at first, but it was something along the lines of, ‘I don’t want to come off. I feel pretty good and I’m full of energy. I’m flying here.’

“But I pretty much ran into the changing rooms, swapped my boots for trainers, grabbed my bag and jumped into the car with Kyle Amor.

“For the last couple of away games I’ve been driving myself in case something happened. Simone was due on the Sunday before the game and she was going to be induced on the Saturday after.

“I spoke with Justin as we knew how big a game it was and Simone really wanted me to play.

Walmsley was in London to watch partner Simone Clark run the marathon – while 20 weeks pregnant

Alex Walmsley

Walmsley was in London to watch partner Simone Clark run the marathon – while 20 weeks pregnant

“She was showing a lot of signs but it was a must-win game and her and her parents thought it was best for me to be there.

“Simone actually had her first contraction at 5pm but left it as long as possible to try and let me get through the game. Her mum, Lesley, was with her saying, ‘You’ve got to ring Alex!’ She was like, ‘No, leave it until the second half!’

“Fortunately, Kyle was there but at the time I went off we were losing. I was in the car constantly on my phone and Kyle had Sky Go going on his phone, so as you can imagine it was a bit crazy in that car!

“I’d just got on the M62 at the Wakefield end when I got the call to say that the baby had been born.

St helens star Alex Walmsley says his England trek Down Under was worth it despite not playing

Alex Walmsley in more traditional surroundings when he’s wearing his St Helens kit

“I got a few funny looks when I arrived at Whiston Hospital in my kit. They must’ve thought, ‘Who’s this weirdo?’

“I was still in my kit and still strapped up. I actually cut my knee in the game and had to have stitches. So I had to leave the delivery suite at 2.30am to go down to A and E and get my stitches put in!”

Walmsley had a double reason to celebrate as Jonny Lomax’s late try snatched a win for Saints that keeps their top four hopes alive.

But that and tonight’s clash with Huddersfield paled into insignificance when he first set sight on Atticus, named after the character Atticus Finch from the book To Kill A Mockingbird.

Alex Walmsley has shone for St Helens and believes he will learn from his trip to Oz

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Alex Walmsley’s form has put him in the reckoning for a place in England’s World Cup squad

“It’s one of my favourite books,” added prop Walmsley, 27. “Someone said to me, ‘You’ve put no pressure on him there by naming him after one of the greatest characters in modern literature.’

“I read the book again over the summer and we were struggling for names at the time. I said, ‘What about Atticus?’ and Simone thought about it for a while and said, Yeah, I quite like that, I quite like Atty.’

“It’s been a crazy few days to be honest. It’s been hectic and really overwhelming to be honest, the ecstasy I’m feeling is unbelievable.

“He’s awesome. The only complaint I have is he doesn’t really like sleeping at 2am! He likes to be up but other than that, he’s perfect.”

Alex Walmsley was disappointed to miss out on a starting place but is thriving with Saints

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Alex Walmsley is ready to face Huddersfield

Atticus my only be a week old but he already has a sporting achievement. When she was five months pregnant, Simone ran the London Marathon.

And talks have already been held about what if daddy is called up by England for this year’s World Cup in Australia.

Walmsley said: “I’ve said I’ll go and Simone and Attivus can come out and see me. But it’s strange, Tuesday was my first day back at training and I missed him like mad – God knows what I’d be like if I went out to Australia for eight weeks!

“But it’s long been an ambition of mine to represent my country and if I get that chance, as tough as it will be to be away from him, I’ll take it.”

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