Station 19 Premiere Reveals What Happened to Andy’s Mom – E! Online

Station 19 Premiere Reveals What Happened to Andy's Mom - E! Online

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After lots of months, we lastly understand what was up with Andy’s (Jaina Lee Ortiz) mama. 

Station 19‘s mystical Elena Herrera (Patricia de Leon) made an unexpected reappearance in Andy’s life at the very end of season 3, naturally rocking Andy to her core. She believed her mama had actually passed away 20 years back, and all of a sudden stressed that she was now going to need to dislike her papa for keeping their household apart. But the fact was perhaps even more heartbreaking. 

Most of the season 4 best occurred a couple of months into the pandemic, however flashbacks informed us what occurred right after the season 3 ending. Andy flipped out however ultimately put in the time to listen to Elena discuss that she didn’t wish to have a kid and while she enjoyed Andy, she didn’t wish to need to stop being a firemen even if she was a mom. 

So she left Andy behind with Pruitt (Miguel Sandoval) and went off to live her life while Pruitt did the outright finest he might as a single dad, even if that indicated sobbing his method through a lesson about what a duration is. 

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