Steelcase Silq: Price, Specs, Release Date


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Stick your palms beneath no matter job chair you are at present occupying and you will find no less than a couple of levers. One for top, one for sliding the seat padding ahead or backward, one for adjusting how a lot the chair resists once you lean again. Actually, you could possibly fiddle for hours looking for the mixture that feels greatest.

Given the chair’s adaptability, its silhouette is alarmingly easy.

It is good to have all of these adjustment choices, however these handles and levers begin to appear pointless when you see the design of the Silq, the brand new chair from workplace-furniture maker Steelcase. The Silq is notable as a result of it gives just one lever—you’ll be able to change the chair’s top, and that is it. The remainder of the changes occur robotically once you sit within the Silq’s swoopy body. Put your weight into it and the seat scoots ahead simply the correct quantity because the again bends to cradle you comfortably. If you decrease the peak, the chair dynamically adjustments form to regulate to the decrease middle of gravity.

Given the chair’s adaptability, its silhouette is alarmingly easy. Just some curves, a sliding metal truss beneath the seat, and that lone top adjustment lever. “Process chairs can have 200 components. This one has 30-ish,” says Steelcase vice chairman of worldwide design and engineering James Ludwig, who designed the chair and talks about it eagerly like a proud father.

Ludwig says that goldilocks mixture of rigidity, adaptability, and ease is all due to a brand new polymer Steelcase engineers developed only for this challenge. It intently mimics the famed structural properties of carbon fiber, however it’s far simpler to provide and prices about one quarter of the worth.

Get Your Fiber

Ludwig tells me that when his workforce constructed the primary mockups of his Silq design, they used carbon fiber. The chair carried out admirably, flexing in all the best locations, adapting to every individual’s top and form as they sat down, and supporting the sitter comfortably once they tipped again in it. However the bean-counters at Steelcase judged it far too costly for the mass market. So Ludwig tasked his workforce with creating a brand new materials they may construct a chair round that behaves like carbon fiber, however may compete with plastic and metallic chairs on worth.

The workforce—a crew of engineers skilled in designing not solely workplace furnishings, however nuclear submarines—was up for the problem. The brand new materials was developed over the next months. Ludwig cryptically describes the ultimate product as a “high-performance polymer” materials (with patents pending, naturally), and says it just about replicates what his workforce was capable of create with carbon fiber. They constructed a check chair out of this new polymer, and it flexed the identical means, supplied the identical help, and side-stepped carbon fiber’s brittleness. Oh sure, and it was means cheaper.

One of many principal causes for carbon fiber’s excessive worth is the labor-intensive course of by which it is assembled. A technician creates a “layup” by layering sheets of fiber and resin right into a mildew, then cures the piece in a low-heat, high-pressure atmosphere. It might take hours. Ludwig says Steelcase’s new polymer is formed by a brand new course of his workforce invented that’s, in his phrases, “not precisely injection molding.” He would not go into specifics—the duty chair individuals guard their design secrets and techniques intently—however he did say the method is about as quick as injection molding. Due to this fact, it is simple to crank out high-performing polymer Silq chairs with far much less labor in far much less time than carbon fiber Silq chairs. The aggressive benefit is evident.

The Silq will begin at $970 when it rolls onto US workplace flooring this spring. It can go on sale in Europe and Asia this fall. Prospects who’d somewhat skip Steelcase’s modern new polymer and persist with the conspicuous luxurious of carbon fiber can achieve this—at roughly 4 occasions the associated fee.

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