Stephan Bonnar head kicks and mauls wrestling ‘fan’ who stepped through the rope to dish out the verbals


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TRASH talk aggressor finds tables turned as UFC veteran turned wrestling star gives him something to really talk about

STEPHAN BONNAR head kicked and mauled a wrestling ‘fan’ who stepped over the line in the ring.

A video clip captured by another former UFC veteran Phil Baroni shows Bonnar gets into it with a “fan” who was allowed in the ring and given a mic to talk some smack.

A fan invades the ring looking for some trash talk
Pro wrestler Stephan Bonnar head kicks and punches a guy who rushed the ring last night in Las Vegas

‘The American Psycho’ did not take too kindly to the insults being thrown at him in Sam’s Town Hotel in Las Vegas and unleashed his fury on the trash talker.

Eventually cornermen intervened and restored calm.

But it’s some scuffle.

The fact is UFC veteran Bonnar is far from living the retired life.

Paired with Forrest Griffin, he helped turn the UFC around to being a highly profitable business and is now a big wrestling shot.

Bonnar is the 10th member of the UFC Hall of Fame to go into pro wrestling.

He follows Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Mark Coleman (Japan), Tito Ortiz (Impact Wrestling), Bas Rutten (New Japan Pro Wrestling), Don Frye (New Japan Pro Wrestling), Maurice Smith (RINGS), Kazushi Sakuraba (New Japan Pro Wrestling) and Frank Trigg (Impact Wrestling).

Bonnar takes on another UFC veteran, Matt Riddle, in the House of Glory wrestling promotion next weekend in New York.

Riddle was the 2016 pro wrestling Rookie of the Year and one of the most talked about newcomers to enter American pro wrestling in years.

Now its starting to get a bit serious

Now it’s starting to get a bit serious

Looks as though is on top...

Looks as though Bonnar is on top…

The intruder may wish hes kept his mouth shut

The intruder may wish he’d kept his mouth shut

Finally the unwanted fight fan is sent on his way

Finally the unwelcome fight fan is sent on his way
WWE star Triple H sends West Ham support for Manchester United

The 40-year-old was a member of the cast of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show, which put UFC on the sports map.

He is best known for his 2005 fight with Griffin in the light-heavyweight finals.

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This fight is often called the most important fight in UFC history, and one of its best brawls ever.

It was the highlight fight on UFC’s first live television show on Spike TV, an ultra-successful event which resulted in UFC live events getting regular live TV slots.

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