Steyer likens Trump to ‘worst tyrants on earth,’ in ad condemned by RNC


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A company run by left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer launched a brand new Fb advert evaluating President Trump to essentially the most “ruthless” and “sadistic” dictators in historical past, together with Iraq’s former chief Saddam Hussein.

“Have to Impeach,” the group run by Steyer which advocates for Trump’s impeachment, posted the three-minute video advert on Fb final week.

The advert, first reported by The Every day Caller, options clips of among the world’s most infamous leaders, residing and useless—together with Hussein, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

“Dictators have managed to come back to energy in each a part of the world, and plenty of of them rise out of Democracy,” the narrator says, although North Korea, as an illustration, shouldn’t be such an instance. “They’re malignant narcissists—which implies they’re not simply self-centered, however their conduct is most frequently anti-social, unstable, ruthless, paranoid, and most disturbingly, sadistic.”

The narrator is accompanied by moody music and information clips of reporters protecting the despots.

“These leaders all share sure qualities and comply with a sure sample—a  playbook—which permits them to take over a democracy,” the narrator says, explaining dictators “fire up nationalism,” undermine the media, “perpetuate a systemic misogyny to oppress ladies,” and blame “scapegoats” for the nation’s issues.

Republican Nationwide Committee spokesman Steve Visitor blasted Steyer’s advert as “disgusting.”

“This disgusting advert has no place operating on Fb and the absurd comparability ought to be condemned by all Individuals,” Visitor mentioned in an announcement.

The advert, in a documentary type, explains every dictator’s management and the state of their respective nations.

It isn’t till two minutes into the advert that Trump seems.

“These dictators have an admirer,” the video says, exhibiting the president. “Donald Trump, who’s following their playbook to a tee.”

The narrator says that Trump is “inciting nationalism,” as a clip of the president saying “America first!” comes throughout the display screen.

“Antagonizing and discrediting the media,” the narrator says, adopted by a sound chew of Trump saying “You might be faux information.” The narrator goes on to accuse Trump of “scapegoating minorities,” citing the decision to construct a wall alongside the U.S.-Mexico border.

“He even condones violence towards anybody who’s a menace to his energy,” the advert continues. “He has a widely known report of sexism and abuse towards ladies.”

The advert cuts to the notorious “Entry Hollywood” tape first uncovered within the weeks earlier than the 2016 presidential election.

“President Trump is following the playbook of among the worst tyrants on earth,” the advert continues, calling him a “malignant narcissist.”

The advert encourages folks to vote to “flip issues round and reject all that Trump stands for.”


The advert comes as Trump and Steyer already are feuding. Over the weekend, Trump attacked Steyer as a “wacky” and “crazed & stumbling lunatic,” after Steyer — who was among the many outstanding Democratic figures focused with a mail bomb final week — mentioned he “completely was blaming” Trump for creating an environment through which “something can bubble up, and something is effervescent up.”

Steyer fired again shortly, writing that Trump’s remark about him was “unthinkable…within the midst of the horrible political violence.”

Steyer is rumored to be contemplating a 2020 presidential run.

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