Survey: 20% of Japanese Men Have Been Forced Into Having Sex Before



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In any sexual encounter, consent is vital and important whatever the relationship. Nonetheless, it’s not at all times given particularly when one get together is being too dominant within the relationship.

Only recently, Jap Hub conducted a survey on the topic of sexual relationships and the results they got were pretty interesting. The survey was conducted on 1,284 males and females who have had sex before and many of them revealed that they have been forced into having sex by their partner.

Source: DW

Here are some of the interesting findings:

  • About 30 per cent of the female participants and 20 per cent of the male participants have been forced into having sex before
  • 50 per cent of the guys aged between 20 and 29, have yet to give out their first kiss
  • Young Japanese men have a low sex drive even when they already have a partner

These findings have surprised many parties as males have always been perceived as the dominant ones in sexual relationships. This trend is expected to continue to rise and even surpasses women’s statistics in the future.

In recent years, Japanese men have been described as a ‘herbivore’ by a Japanese author because the younger generation is now more introverted and passive when it comes to socialising. In fact, many of these ‘herbivores’ are shy to take the first step even when they are already in a relationship or if they have a crush on someone. As such, ‘carnivorous’ women can easily dominate this group of men and even pose unnecessary stress on them, according to the survey.

If this study was conducted on Malaysian men, do you think the results would be the same? Let us know what you think in the comments! 


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