Sweet deserts – How the United Arab Emirates became an oasis for tax evaders | International



THE war on cross-border tax evasion, declared by America over a decade ago and since joined by other governments, has made life a lot more uncomfortable for anyone looking to squirrel away undeclared income. More than 100 countries have signed up to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), which requires them to swap information on account-holders that may be relevant for tax purposes. But the enterprising and tax-shy can still exploit loopholes in the system. A popular one is to procure residence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), set up a company there and use the tax residence that comes with it to block the flow of information to tax authorities elsewhere.

According to experts with knowledge of the scheme, it works as follows. A foreigner sets up a company in one of the UAE’s free-trade zones and rents office space. In return he gets a residence visa with a minimum-stay requirement of just one day every six months. Both the individual and the company, through which he may hold bank accounts, may then claim tax residence in the UAE, a country that levies no income tax.


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