SYFY’s Slumber Party Massacre Trailer Is Insanely Gory Fun

SYFY's Slumber Party Massacre Trailer Is Insanely Gory Fun

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When pillow battles turn lethal …

E! News has a special preview at brand-new SYFY thriller Slumber Party Massacre and it will advise you why Halloween is the very best season. Cue the ’80 s throwbacks, get the popcorn and dive into the very first take a look at the reimagining of Roger Corman‘s 1982 campy slasher of the exact same name, premiering on Saturday,Oct 16.

Per the trailer, the guidelines for survival are basic: remain within, remain peaceful and remain safe. And, you understand, simply keep away from the “deranged killer with an obscenely large drill,” as the list recommends.

A coed rest celebration rapidly becomes a bloodbath, as a psychotic serial killer wielding a power drill interrupts the enjoyable. “I love you,” the unnamed killer strangely coos prior to spinning a decapitated head in a gruesome trailer.

The pajama party participants (er, murder victims?) consist of stars Hannah Gonera, Mila Rayne, Frances Sholto-Douglas and Alex McGregor We can’t wait to see how they fare onscreen!

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