Taliban assemble druggie and shave their heads in forced rehabilitation

    Drug users detained during a Taliban raid walk in line on their way to the detoxification ward of the Avicenna Medical Hospital for Drug Treatment in Kabul, Afghanistan

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    Harrowing images reveal drug users being assembled and marched to rehab centres (Picture: AP)

    Harrowing images reveal drug users in Afghanistan being assembled and put in chains in the current indication the Taliban are grossly breaching human rights.

    The males– a number of them homeless and addicted to heroin and meth– were beaten and by force required to treatment centres inKabul


    There, they were required to sit versus a stone wall with their hands connected, prior to being removed of their clothing and having their heads shaved.

    Many of them looked bleary eyed and skeletal as they were ushered into a prison-like camp where they were informed to sober up or deal with a whipping.

    Afghanistan’s huge poppy fields are the source of most of the world’s heroin, and the nation has actually become a substantial meth manufacturer.

    Both have actually sustained enormous dependency around the war-ravaged nation.

    When the Taliban took control of previously this year, they guaranteed a more moderate society than the one they formerly commanded.

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    Drug users detained during a Taliban raid
    The males were removed of their clothing prior to having their heads shaved(Picture: AP)

    (****************** )But the drugs raid is the current example of how the group has actually not altered and is continuing to enforce a harsh type of sharia law.

    (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Taliban view drug dependency as a stain on society.

    At nightfall, the soldiers-turned-policemen search the capital’s drug-ravaged underworld in a quote to mark out the unlawful narcotics.

    On a current night, fighters robbed a drug den under a bridge in theGuzargah location ofKabul With cable televisions for whips and slung rifles, they bought the group of males out of their fetid quarters.

    According to theAssociatedPress, who saw the raid, the males were required to the ground and bought to turn over their personal belongings, which were later on burned.

    Taliban fighterQariFedayee, who was binding their hands, protected the group’s actions.

    A drug user detained during a Taliban raid is shaved after arriving at Avicenna Medical Hospital
    Many looked skeletal and bleary eyed(Picture: AP)
    Drug users detained during a Taliban raid
    The males have actually been informed to sober up or deal with a whipping(Picture: AP)

    ‘They are our countrymen, they are our family and there are good people inside of them,’ he stated.‘God willing, the people in the hospital will be good with them and cure them.’

    Some males asked for grace, guaranteeing to never ever take drugs once again if they might go totally free.One senior guy, a poet, doodled some verses on a paper to show his point, however it did not work.

    In completion, around(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )males were required to the AvicennaMedicalHospital for drug treatment, on the edges ofKabul(******************* ).

    They will go through a45 day program of withdrawal, with just some healthcare to relieve pain and discomfort.

    DrFazalrabiMayar, operating in a treatment center, stated:‘We are not in a democracy anymore, this is a dictatorship. And the use of force is the only way to treat these people.’


    Drug users detained during a Taliban raid are shaved

    The males will be required to invest45 days at the centre, with little access to medical treatment for withdrawal(Picture: AP)
    Drug users detained during a Taliban raid walk to a shower after arriving at Avicenna Medical Hospital for Drug Treatment in Kabul


    Patients drift around the halls of the centre like ghosts(Picture: AP)

    DrWahedullahKoshan, the health center’s lead psychiatrist, stated the health center does not have the alternative opioids, buprenorphine and methadone, normally utilized to deal with heroin dependency.

    Hunger will belong to the withdrawal procedure, and a number of the males might not make it out alive.

    ‘It’ s trivial if a few of them pass away,’ statedMawlawiFazullah, aTaliban officer.‘Others will be cured. After they are cured, they can be free.’

    The illegal opium trade is linked with(******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* )’s shattered economy and its chaos.


    Poppy growers belong to a crucial rural constituency for theTaliban, and the majority of count on the harvest to make ends fulfill.

    Drug users detained during a Taliban raid sit at a police station
    Drug users apprehended throughout aTaliban raid sit at a police headquarters as they wait to be moved to the(*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )MedicalHospital forDrugTreatment( Picture: AP)
    A drug user detained during a Taliban raid
    TheTaliban view drug dependency as a stain on society(Picture: AP)

    Lead patrol officerQariGhafoor, has actually sworn to pursue farmers and‘punish them according to sharia law’

    But DavidMansfield, a specialist on theAfghan drug trade, stated a ny significant restriction on opium production will need settlements with those producing it, who state it is their only method to earn a living.

    Mansfield stated that throughout the revolt years,
    theTaliban made money from the trade by taxing traffickers, a practice used on a variety of markets in the locations under their control.


    ) research study recommends the group made $20 million in this manner in(********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ).

    But openly, the Taliban has actually constantly rejected links to the drug trade.

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