Taxi drivers may be banned from wearing shorts because they’re too ‘sexually revealing’


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Taxi drivers in England are getting sizzling beneath the collar a couple of proposal to ban them from carrying shorts.

The brand new guidelines can be debated the Tub and North East Somerset council subsequent week.

Supporters argue that shorts might be “provocative or sexually revealing” in some cases and blanket restriction is the one strategy to handle the perceived downside.

“One driver’s thought of an appropriate pair of shorts could also be unacceptable to an individual touring in a licensed automobile and will make them really feel uncomfortable,” a member of the governing council advised SWNS.

However the drivers argue that they’re those who’ll be uncomfortable, particularly in the summertime months.

Lloyd Prepare dinner from the Tub Spa Taxi Affiliation mentioned, “after the summer time we had it might simply make folks extra irate. I don’t see shorts that come beneath the knee as an issue.”

Cabbies are additionally taking problem with the truth that drivers for ride-hailing providers like Uber received’t be ruled by the costume code, which already restricts ripped clothes, objects with suggestive or offensive phrases, sporting uniforms and tracksuits.

“The costume code, while subjective in method, is there to encourage drivers to convey an expert look, thereby bettering the boldness of the general public in selecting licensed autos as a most well-liked type of transportation,” a council officer mentioned.

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